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With over thirty years of proven industry experience, the Negotiations Training Center of America is the recognized leader in negotiations training, negotiation consulting and negotiations performance coaching.

Negotiations Training Skills in Ford , Kansas

It is a given that not all negotiations are the same and some companies may have requirements that are more specialized. While some classes are delivered as off-the-shelf programs, all course topics can be customized to meet particular client needs. We can go into detail on "hard" topics such as how to plan logistics for a successful negotiation as well as how to manage details like time management as well as "soft" topics such as how to understand the importance of body language during negotiations and how to recognize when it is used as a negotiating tactic

Shorter one-hour seminars related to how to negotiate to settle debts with creditors, how to overcome some of the pitfalls related to job-specific negotiations like relocation as well as negotiations surrounding internal counteroffers , how to navigate through the process of negotiating for a home purchase or even how to avoid the most common negotiating mistakes made by women are also available.

Participants who attend our negotiations seminars will learn to:

  • Utilize various tools to plan for a negotiation and place an emphasis on individual analysis as well as a deeper understanding of business issues
  • Focus on gaining a greater understanding of your own negotiation strengths and weaknesses
  • Work through the five phases of negotiations
  • Know how to set internal goals and expectations prior to discussions
  • Understand the importance of relationships during negotiations
  • Utilize a more open and consultative approach to negotiations
  • How to sidestep attacks during a negotiation and take an objective view
  • Avoid negotiation misunderstandings that can derail discussions
  • Focus on seeking mutually beneficial outcomes for both parties
  • Use questioning skills to uncover important information during a negotiation
  • Know how to manage concessions during a negotiation and do so in a manner that enables you to deal with concessions effectively
  • Deal with even the most aggressive and adversarial personalities
  • Manage situations when the other party wants to negotiate items that are non-negotiable
  • Manage the consequences of failing to agree to a negotiated agreement
  • Avoid mistakes that can lead to less satisfactory outcomes
  • Overcome deadlocks and stalled negotiation discussions
  • Understand how power influences a negotiation
  • Deal with dishonest negotiators who utilize tactics like blanketing to pressure others to modify a proposal, competition to lower prices or even artificial deadlines to cause the other party to make concessions
  • Know when to negotiate alone with the other party or collaborate with a team to provide a united front
  • Circumvent negotiators who continue to ask for more concessions to the end
  • Overcome those parties who back out of agreements or try to claim the inability to follow through based on a missing person
  • Evaluate and learn from their negotiation experiences
  • Manage the critical pitfalls to avoid when negotiating on the telephone
  • Deal with recently accepted practices that often come up during electronic negotiations

Kansas: Wichita, Topeka, and Kansas City


Wichita, the largest city in Kansas, is home to roughly one-fifth of the state's population. Along with major industries and businesses, Wichita offers many attractions to the visitor. Catapult back into the time period of 1865-1880 at the The Old Cowtown Museum. A change of pace for a traveler may be the Wichita Greyhound Park which offers thrilling greyhound races. While in the Wichita area, stop in at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, where the command module from the Apollo 13 space mission is housed. For lovers of culture, visit the Wichita Center for the Arts and its professional community theater, two galleries and art school.


The entrepreneur spirit in Topeka began in 1842 with the founding of a ferry service across the Kansas River. Since then, we have continually been at the crossroads of progress. From the migration of early pioneers and merchants on the Oregon and Santa Fe trails, to the opening of the west with the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, Topeka has been on the forefront of business development.

Kansas City

The home of swing and bebop for some, "The City of Fountains" to others, Kansas City is different things to different people. Music enthusiasts are drawn to the jazz clubs and old haunts of famous musicians such as Charlie Parker and Count Basie. With more fountains than Rome, there is ample opportunity for scenic strolling from fountain to fountain.

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