Negotiation Training Center of America: Negotiating Contracts and Purchasing Agreements

Negotiating Contracts and Purchasing Agreements Seminar 

Contracts and purchasing departments spend a great deal of time negotiating various agreements, contracts and term sheets with outside parties - probably more so than any other department in an organization. What some might find to be an occasional activity is part and parcel of what purchasing and contracts professionals do on a daily basis. Whether negotiating the details of a enterprise license agreement with a software company or working out the details on a relationship to have a vendor supply critical components for a diagnostic device, knowing how to negotiate properly is a key skill. The best approach to becoming a stronger negotiator is to receive training that focuses not only on key concepts but also provides practice sessions that model situations faced on a daily basis.

Negotiating Contracts and Purchasing Agreements provides a specific learning environment designed to enable participants to learn in a manner that increases skills transfer and immediate application of knowledge. Designed as a small-format workshop with a standard class size of sixteen, participants learn via various role plays, activities, group discussions and instructor-led feedback sessions to become better at what they do. We teach a five-phase negotiating process that enables participants to focus on every step of a negotiation - from the crucial preparation phase to the evaluation phase. Time is spent understanding how to foster a negotiating environment that seeks to elicit the best deal for each participant while reinforcing the importance of long-term relationships. Since not all negotiators are honest and straightforward, our skilled facilitators will also work with participants to understand and recognize some of the most commonly found negotiation tactics seen in the field. All this is done in an interactive environment that is challenging but highly rewarding.

Negotiating Contracts and Purchasing Agreements is a skills-based workshop that delivers results. By attending this session, you will learn to:

  • Understand skills as they apply to contract and agreement negotiations
  • Increase personal confidence and ability when negotiating externally or internally
  • Place an emphasis on bridging differences rather than overpowering individuals
  • Utilize their own negotiation style and modify their behavior based on other styles
  • Shape contracts and agreements that protect your interests
  • Recognize the most commonly used negotiation tactics
  • Utilize skills to disarm dishonest negotiators
  • Deescalate conflict that might occur during a negotiation
  • Utilize planning skills and worksheets to prepare for a negotiation
  • Effectively give and receive concessions during a discussion
  • Establish positive negotiation habits that will pay long-term dividends
  • Evaluate your level of success in past negotiations so as to improve your ability in future discussions
  • Increase personal confidence that will spread to other aspects of your job

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I WILL be a better negotiator!"

Kathy Brotherton
Business Development Advisor Landman
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma