Essential Negotiations Skills Workshop

Individuals throughout every level of a corporation, small business, non-profit or other organization are constantly called upon to take part in negotiations on behalf of their organizations. Business professionals must deal with customers, vendors, partners and internal colleagues on a regular basis. Non-profits find themselves negotiating with donors and benefactors who supply the valuable funds that enable them to make a difference in their community. The key to being a successful negotiator is a training program that enables participants to learn by doing while focusing on the long-term benefits of a relationship.

Our Essential Negotiations Skills workshop provides participants with a comprehensive set of tools and skills that apply to the real-world negotiations they face on a daily basis. Whether negotiating a vendor agreement to provide software, working with an industry leader to build a partnership or even negotiating the final terms on a residential purpose, Essential Negotiations Skills is designed to make participants more effective. Our workshop begins with the tools that enable participants to recognize varying negotiating styles and how to flex accordingly so as to establish rapport and build a collaborative environment. We then show participants how to work through the negotiation process to build mutually satisfactory outcomes. Time is also spent understanding how to deescalate conflict and defuse dishonest negotiating tactics when used by other parties. Interactive sessions, role plays, activities, self assessments and other application exercises take concepts and allow participants to turn them into reality.

Essential Negotiations Skills is a skills-based workshop that delivers results. By attending this session, you will learn to:

  • Handle any type of negotiation situation with poise and confidence
  • Focus on the relationship-centered aspects of a negotiation
  • Recognize and flex with various negotiation styles and what each style
  • Improve your ability to reach mutually satisfactory outcomes
  • Increase your effectiveness by raising your aspiration level
  • Defuse conflict that may arise during heated or drawn-out negotiations
  • Understand whether a team-based or individual approach will be more effective
  • Reduce deadlocks and adversarial situations
  • Evaluate your level of success in past negotiations so as to improve your ability in future discussions
  • Increase personal confidence that will spread to other aspects of your job

"Very engaging. Kept my attention the entire time and I came away with more confidence about negotiating."
Rees Arnim
Marathon Oil
Completions Engineer
Houston, Texas