Our Negotiations Training Seminars

Negotiation Training Seminars:

Win-Win Negotiations Seminar
In this hands-on hard hitting Win-Win Negotiations seminar participants learn through practice exercises how to strengthen their negotiation skills through 7 videotaped role-plays, 4 classroom exercises, and 3 classroom games sessions. Participants get one on one personal feedback that helps to improve their ability to communicate and negotiate in both simple, complex and difficult negotiations situations. Students practice skill building exercises as a team, one-on-one, face-to-face, so they can implement their learning within their personal business environment. By the end of day one, participants will be able to handle even the most difficult negotiations with confidence and have a high positive impact on its outcome.

Negotiating Contracts and Purchasing Agreements Workshop
Negotiating Contracts and Purchasing Agreements provides a specific learning environment designed to enable participants to learn in a manner that increases skills transfer and immediate application of knowledge. Designed as a small-format workshop with a standard class size of sixteen, participants learn via various role plays, activities, group discussions and instructor-led feedback sessions to become better at what they do. We teach a five-phase negotiating process that enables participants to focus on every step of a negotiation - from the crucial preparation phase to the evaluation phase. Time is spent understanding how to foster a negotiating environment that seeks to elicit the best deal for each participant while reinforcing the importance of long-term relationships. Since not all negotiators are honest and straightforward, our skilled facilitators will also work with participants to understand and recognize some of the most commonly found negotiation tactics seen in the field. All this is done in an interactive environment that is challenging but highly rewarding.

Essential Negotiation Skills Course
Our Essential Negotiation Skills workshop provides participants with a comprehensive set of tools and skills that apply to the real-world negotiations they face on a daily basis. Whether negotiating a vendor agreement to provide software, working with an industry leader to build a partnership or even negotiating the final terms on a residential purpose, Essential Negotiation Skills is designed to make participants more effective. Our workshop begins with the tools that enable participants to recognize varying negotiating styles and how to flex accordingly so as to establish rapport and build a collaborative environment. We then show participants how to work through the negotiation process to build mutually satisfactory outcomes. Time is also spent understanding how to deescalate conflict and defuse dishonest negotiating tactics when used by other parties. Interactive sessions, role plays, activities, self assessments and other application exercises take concepts and allow participants to turn them into reality.

Sales Techniques in Negotiation Seminar
Our Sales Techniques in Negotiation seminar is a two-day seminar which focuses on the need for developing and strengthening the sales negotiation skills of your salespeople, while keeping in mind the need to maintain lasting, beneficial client relationships. This hands-on seminar uses extensive videotaped role plays, exercises, games and personal feedback to improve participant’ abilities to communicate, negotiate, and handle difficult negotiation situations.