Tactical Negotiations Skills Training: Negotiate Smarter by Using Passion to Disarm Your Opponent

Tactical Negotiations Skills Training Negotiate Smarter by Using Passion to Disarm Your Opponent

How do you use passion, and when should you use passion in a negotiation? The following are a few questions I've received related to when passion should be used in negotiations skills training.

1. How can you disarm a negotiation opponent by using passion?

a. In order to use passion to disarm an opponent, you need to understand the mental makeup and the value system of the other negotiator. By understanding his value system, you have insight into which negotiations skills training buttons to push. Then, you have to determine the right time, based on what's occurring in the negotiation, to push those buttons.

2. How can you determine when to display passion in a negotiation?

a. Sometimes the entry of passion in a negotiation is natural. To the degree that it can be controlled, it can be used to move the negotiation in one direction as opposed to another. As you observe the 'flow' of the negotiations skills training, observe the changes in the pace of speaking, the shifting of one's body position, and the reaction to offers and counter offers. Take note of the shift that occurs in yourself and the other negotiator. If you've planned how you'll inject passion into the negotiation, you'll be able to detect the appropriate time to do so.

3. Is it true that displays of passion can be used to lead the other negotiator away from your true feelings about your position?

a. It is true that displays of passion can be used to motivate movement from your 'true' negotiation position. Passion can be used in this manner, but make sure your passion is perceived to be genuine. If it's not, it could be viewed as a manipulation tactic. If it's viewed in that manner, you'll lose credibility and run the risk of having your negotiations skills training position come under attack. When you use passion to disguise your 'true' position, you should display a nonchalant attitude about the outcome of the point being discussed.

4. What risks do you run when allowing passion to become involved in a negotiation?

a. If passion is allowed to flow at will during a negotiation, you run the risk of losing control of the negotiation. In order to control the flow of passion and thus the negotiations skills training, you need to observe certain words that might incite the other negotiator during the negotiation.

In some situations, mistaken body gestures can have a pronounced effect on the negotiations skills training. So, understand how your body gestures might be perceived and understand what you're trying to convey through your nonverbal gestures.

When you negotiate with passion, understand that it can be a double edged sword. Displaying passion when negotiating with the 'right' negotiator can gain advantages for your position. Conversely, displaying too much passion in the wrong situation can cause you to lose momentum for your position. If you use passion at the right time, in the right situation, with the right negotiator, you'll definitely enhance your negotiations skills training position ... and everything will be right with the world.

The Negotiation Lessons are ...

� Some negotiators feel empowered when negotiating with someone that displays too much passion, and thus they seek to enhance their own position. They do so by using the other negotiators passion as a weapon against that negotiator. Before allowing your passion to enter into a negotiation, assess how it might influence the outcome of the negotiations skills training.

� Passion plays a role in every negotiation. To the degree that it does, every negotiator should plan how and when to inject passion into the negotiation. By doing so a negotiator will be better prepared to take the negotiations skills training in one direction versus another.

Good negotiators look for opportunities in which passion can be injected into a negotiations skills training. They determine how, when, and to what degree, passion will be used during a negotiation. In essence, they use passion as another tactic or strategy to employ throughout the negotiation.