Powerful Negotiations Training: Negotiating Right May Not Mean Right Now

Powerful Negotiations Training Negotiating Right May Not Mean Right Now

Too many times, people try to negotiate when the timing is not right. They try to negotiate when the other negotiator does not want or need what is being offered, or worse, they do so because they are too eager to apply negotiations training.

Some negotiators feel as long as there's a 'warm body' that they can voice their opinion to, or someone that they can sway their thoughts upon, they think their negotiations training makes them “bullet-proof” and they will always come out on top. Nothing could be further from the truth. In all negotiations, you have to consider the timing of the negotiation.

If the 'right person' is not available, at the right time, who happens to be the person that has the authority, the will, and the desire, to give you what you seek from a negotiations training, you should not enter into the negotiations.

If you convince yourself that your negotiations training is a “magic bullet,” you run the risk of disclosing the level of knowledge you possess about negotiation tactics and strategies. In so doing, you give insight into how you most likely will react under time constraints, yours and the other negotiator.

If you use similar tactics and strategies in all of your negotiations, you will have allowed a glimpse into your negotiations training, when time is a factor, by the person with whom you might negotiate with in the future. In so doing, you'll place yourself at a disadvantage.

You can get insight into the proper time to schedule a negotiation during the 'data gathering' stage of the negotiations training process. Basically, when it comes to the timing of a negotiation, in the planning process you want to find out if there are any time constraints on the person with whom you'll be negotiating.

You should never fear to negotiate, but make sure the timing is right. You can increase your negotiations training in any environment by practicing the art of timing the negotiation properly.

Before entering into any negotiations, you should practice what you'll do, based on what your negotiation partner does, in the time that's been allocated for the negotiation. Just be sure you practice any negotiation in an area where the other negotiator will not get insight into what your negotiations training might be.

If you use time as an ally when planning your negotiation session, you can gain additional leverage throughout the negotiations training ... and everything will be right with the world.

When negotiating, do so on your own time schedule. If you calculate the value time plays during the negotiations training process, you'll be better prepared to negotiate and as such should have an easier time at the negotiation table.