Powerful Negotiations Training: Benefits of Negotiating Subliminally

Powerful Negotiations Training Benefits of Negotiating Subliminally

When you negotiate, do you negotiate subliminally? The answer is yes; whether you realize it or not you do. We all negotiate subliminally. Some of you may be thinking, what does it mean to negotiate subliminally? This lesson uncovers that answer and gives you insights into how you can become a better negotiator, by being aware of the value subliminal negotiation has throughout negotiations training.

As we negotiate, our bodies convey messages that are perceived to be part of the meaning of our messages. That’s to say, at times, people perceive hidden meanings in our negotiations training, simply because they pick up the raising of an eyebrow, the down turn of our lip, or the interpretation of a quizzical look, as meaning something other than the meaning were trying to convey. That can be good and bad.

From a good perspective, if the receiver of our negotiations training is attuned to our body language, and our body language and words/actions are aligned, the received message is being perceived in the manner in which we transmitted it. In other words, what the receiver of our message sees, hears, and feels is what we as the sender of the message intended for the listener to receive.

This is important when negotiating, because negotiations can get off track at times, simply due to the fact that one person in the negotiations training perceives that which was neither mentioned, nor intended, and acts as though they received the message you sent. In actuality they did. Remember, what they perceive is right in their mind.

From a bad perspective, when we send messages that are not received with the intent we wish to convey, our words are misperceived. This could lead to botched negotiations training. In addition, we could be perceived as nothing more than mutterers and lose credibility in the process, thus setting us up for future negotiation problems.

As you negotiate, realize you do so subliminally and consider these aspects during the negotiation...

1. Be very cognizant of the messages your body sends during the negotiations training. Question to what degree your words and nonverbal signals (body language) are in sync with one another and being perceived as such.

2. Be astutely aware of your voice inflections during negotiations. As an example, the inflection in your voice in the statements below could convey different meanings.

a. I love you. b. I love you! c. I love you?

3. Validate the perception of your message by paying close attention to the body language of the receiver. You'll gain invaluable insight as to how they perceive your message, as the result of being able to make accurate interpretations. One of the major benefits to negotiating subliminally is the fact that, if done right, you can manipulate the negotiations training in the direction of your goals (Note: Don't be offended by the word manipulate. It's meant in the positive sense that both parties in the negotiation are getting what they want).

In order to do so, you have to validate the reception of your messages during the negotiations training, to deter mine if the desired effect is being accomplished.

Being able to interpret how your messages are received and perceived, to a great degree determine the outcome of the negotiations training. Utilizing subliminal negotiation thoughts and actions gives you an additional tactic in your arsenal of negotiation tools. Subliminal negotiation will make you a stronger, more attuned negotiator and everything will be right with the world.

The negotiation lessons are:

When in doubt about what you perceive, or the manner in which you're being perceived, confirm the meaning by asking for input from the person/people you renegotiating. You'll score subliminal points by showing your negotiations training partner(s) that you're attuned to the dialogue occurring in the negotiation.