Executive Negotiation Seminars: How To Get A Raise At Work - Do-s and Don-ts

Executive Negotiation Seminars How To Get A Raise At Work - Do's and Don'ts

Many negotiation seminars are cutting back on yearly salary increases. What can you do to make sure your raise is as large as possible? Here are some Do's and Don'ts that will help you prepare your strategy.


1. Start Early. Find out when raises are normally scheduled at your negotiation seminars and start working on your raise strategy 2-3 months in advance. Typically managers are given a raise budget for all their employees. You want to talk to your manager before he or she begins to think about how to divide that budget.

2. Show How You Bring Value To The Organization. Consider how you have added value to your company's bottom line. Think in terms of "Increased" and "Reduced". Have you increased profits, customer negotiation seminars, or numbers of orders? Have you reduced expenses, customer complaints, or product development time?

3. Use Facts and Figures. As much as you can, use negotiation seminars to show your value and support your raise request. For example, if you were able to reduce product development time, how much were you able to reduce it and how did that positively affect the bottom line?

4. Know What Your Job Is Worth. You can find simple salary negotiation seminars at many websites such as monster.com. You can also get more detailed information at salary.com. Be prepared to explain to your boss how this information matches your position. Even if the title doesn't match, you can explain how the job duties and responsibility match what you do.

5. Show How Your Role Has Expanded. Most companies have a standard pay range for each job. If you are paid close to the top of the negotiation seminars, you could get a smaller raise. It may be easier to get more money if you can show that your role has expanded or your job has changed so much that you should be in a different pay category.

6. Work With Your Manager To Support The Request. Realize that most managers negotiate raises with their boss, Human Resources, and sometimes a compensation committee. They need solid reasons to give you the negotiation seminars you deserve. Work with your boss and ask what information you can provide that will support your raise request.


1. Get Emotional.

Practice asking for a raise in a clear and non-emotional way.

2. Talk About How Much You Need The Money to Pay Your Bills.

Focus on the business negotiation seminars not personal needs. While your boss may privately be sympathetic to your need for more money, he or she will probably not want to discuss your home budgeting issues.

3. Hint That You Will Quit

If you don't get the raise you deserve, you may consider looking for a new job, however, don't mention that to your boss. He or she may see that as a negotiation seminars and may be less inclined to give you a raise.

Negotiating for a raise can be stressful, however, the negotiation seminars can be well worth the time and effort you put into planning. Start now to think about how you can ask for your next raise.