Dynamic Negotiation Workshop: When You Negotiate, Check Status

Dynamic Negotiation Workshop When You Negotiate, Check Status

When you negotiate, do you consider the impact of the status you project? Even more so, do you consider how the perceived status of your negotiation partner plays a role in the negotiation workshop? The projection and perception of one’s status, when negotiating, is paramount to the overall outcome of the negotiation.

Think for a moment how you felt the last time you negotiated with someone and they did not possess the level of power or status that was required in order to address the negotiation workshop you sought. You most likely became frustrated, exasperated, or emotionally drained.

As your negotiation workshop referred to a higher authority (to find out if he could get the deal done) you might have thought to yourself, why am I not negotiating with the higher authority directly? The person I'm dealing with does not have the status that's required to get this deal done.

When you negotiate, you can use the emotion associated with the perception and projection of status as a strategy. You do so by acknowledging someone’s status, as in I know you're the right person to deal with, and I feel so fortunate that you're my negotiation partner tactic. You can give your negotiation workshop that projected image as long as she is addressing your concerns admirably. If she starts to veer from the direction you want the negotiation to go in, you can openly question if she possesses the degree of authority, and thus the level of status, to accomplish the goal of the negotiation.

You can gain valuable information as to how well your projected recognition of your negotiation workshop status is being perceived. All you have to do is watch his body language when you mention the status he possesses. Observe if he stands more erect if he's standing, attempts to sit taller if seated, becomes more engaging, and/or more open. If he commits to either posture, he’ll be giving you insight into the fact that he’s being influenced by your perception and recognition of his status.

His perception and acknowledgment of the fact that you value his status will be played out in his body language. If you don't sense any change in his posture, test his status factor again, if the negotiation workshop goes off track.

Take the status factor out of the negotiation workshop, or insert it back into the negotiation at appropriate times. Status definitely plays a role during a negotiation. It behooves you to know when to apply or deny it.

Everyone wants to feel important when they negotiate. They want their status to be acknowledged and recognized for the value it holds. By acknowledging the status of your negotiation workshop, and doing so as to uplift their position from a non-subjugated perspective, you allow her to become more open to you ... and everything will be right with the world.

The Negotiation Lessons Are...

•Learn to interpret the perception of status by being attuned to the body language your negotiation workshop projects. By doing so, you'll gain insight into when this tactic should be used.

•Status can be used to enhance or deter the bonding process. Knowing when to use the recognition of negotiation workshop gives you additional leverage when you negotiate. Use it appropriately.