Dynamic Negotiation Workshop ;: Marketing Strategies - How to Turn a Freebie Request into a Paying Customer

Dynamic Negotiation Workshop   Marketing Strategies - How to Turn a Freebie Request into a Paying Customer

Nearly every small business owner has been asked to give away his product or negotiation workshop for free. Other businesses, often competitors, will ask for this, saying that if they like your product they may recommend it to their own customers. If this has happened to you, it may leave you with a dilemma. While you don't want to make an enemy out of other business owners, you don't want to give away your product or service for free, either.

Here's how to turn a freebie request into a marketing opportunity. First of all, realize that the person asking the negotiation workshop has an interest in your product - even though she wants it free, she DOES want it. That's a start. Here are the steps to take to turn her into a paying customer.

o Get a face-to-face meeting if distance isn't an issue, otherwise, use phone.
o Thank her for her interest and tell her you are complimented that she is so positive about the negotiation workshop.
o Tell her that you would like to create a win-win for you both.
o You won't give your product away, but you would like to offer an affiliate relationship.

The terms are that she buys your product at full price, offers it to her clients personally (through her e-zine, on her website, etc.). For every unit she sells, she gets a 50% commission. (Note: If you cannot afford to give the person a 50% commission, figure your own costs, add 10% for yourself, and offer the rest as commission. The idea is to keep the offer high, so that there is an irresistible urge to agree to your negotiation workshop.)

This strategy goes a long way toward solving the negotiation workshop dilemma.

1. From an attraction standpoint, 50% is a very high commission; the person will be intrigued with the opportunity to earn some decent money. Be sure to point out that with only two sales she has repaid herself the full cost of your product.
2. It keeps her from using your product in an underhanded way, and keeps her honest.
3. It gives YOU 50% of your product sales to a negotiation workshop (hers) that you otherwise would probably never reach.
4. It puts that person's recommendation on your product, which you can turn around and use in your own marketing materials "recommended by XXXX."
5. As part of the deal, you can even get the person to do a video testimonial of your product and place that on your website (this is also a win/win as it gives the other person exposure, too).

All in all, this strategy lets you make a customer and a salesperson out of a potential problem person. You have offered good terms, so there is a very high likelihood that she'll go for it. If she turns it down, you have made your position clear and have still solved your negotiation workshop. She is the one who walks away, rather than you saying no to her original request.