Dynamic Negotiation Workshop: Improve Negotiation Skills, Use Free Givebacks

Dynamic Negotiation Workshop Improve Negotiation Skills, Use Free Givebacks

Your negotiation workshop position is stronger than you think. Here's why: every great business turns out a bunch of unheralded, behind the scenes, great negotiation workshop activities that you most likely take for granted. You just do them because your culture demands excellence. They're part of the foundation. You walk past them without even noticing.

It's time to take notice. These are real strengths. Advantages. Golden bits of value known as Free Givebacks. "Free" because you just do them, but never charge for them.

Free Givebacks are great negotiation tools because they separate you from the other guy.

I do a lot of on-site negotiation workshop training as part of my business. There is a Free Givebacks interactive activity that's one of the most valuable and revealing aspects of the negotiation workshop training. Segment Two of the program is "Aggressive Preparation". I did a negotiation workshop not long ago for a client in Michigan. During the Free Givebacks exercise we identified 2 very powerful strengths: 1) 24-hour order fulfillment turnaround and 2) a perfect 40 year history of quality. Their competition isn't even close. This company is a premium supplier of higher priced products that enjoys dominant market share....but they weren't reminding their customers, suppliers and themselves of these strengths. They are now.

Our negotiation workshop philosophy is to strive for a "Both Grow" outcome in which both sides gain. And while negotiations are not negotiation workshop competitions, they are competitive by nature. There's nothing wrong with honestly and effectively touting your Free Givebacks...because if you don't, no one else will.

Our Negotiation Workshop is full of great stuff that makes sense. You'll pump up your business negotiation skills and learn lifelong negotiation strategies for success in negotiation workshop. Let's talk soon.