Dynamic Negotiation Workshop: How to Maximize Your Negotiation Skills

Dynamic Negotiation Workshop How to Maximize Your Negotiation Skills

Most small business owners are very good at what they do, whether they are consultants, coaches, web designers, copywriters, etc... But most of them never attended a school or training to learn how to negotiate. They need to learn it in a negotiation workshop on their own, but they often learn it the hard way, losing contracts and clients.

What are the keys to successful negotiation workshop?

1. You need to know exactly how to explain your business, in a simple and easy way for people in a negotiation workshop to understand the benefits of working with you instead of your competitors.

2. You need to listen to your prospects or clients in a negotiation workshop to find THE solution to solve their challenges. So as soon as they told you what they need you will be able to tell them what you can do for them.

Same as networking, you need an effective 30 seconds commercial or elevator pitch to introduce yourself and your business. As you would in a negotiation workshop, you need to ask the right questions and open questions to the people you meet or negotiate with, to learn what they need. And very important, your need to listen to their answer, to see how you can help them right away. You must have in mind that the only thing they want to hear is the "What's in it for ME?" So when you deliver the "What's in it for THEM?", you got their attention and are half way to the sale.

Your mission is to learn quality information that you can use to build a positive relationship with your clients to sell the best offer. People are more willing to buy from people they know, like and trust, so building the relationship for a negotiation workshop is a very important part of your negotiation process.

Knowing what they want, and offering them THE solution to their challenge, allow you to justify your rates, even if you are more expensive than your competitors. As soon as you will show them in a negotiation workshop how your expertise will save them time and money, price won't be an issue.

Your negotiation skills start with an excellent networking and communication skill for your negotiation workshop. The better you communicate with your prospects and clients, the better you negotiate with them, and consequently, the more clients you attract to your business.