Discover Negotiation Techniques: Negotiate Like an Olympian

Discover Negotiation Techniques Negotiate Like an Olympian

When you negotiate, do you do so like an Olympian? Too many times, too many people will glance over the subject that they'll be negotiating and then wonder why using their negotiation techniques did not turn out the way they expected.

You can learn to become a gold medal negotiator.  You can learn to negotiate hard, soft, fast or slow and always know at what pace to negotiate, while at all times knowing exactly what negotiation techniques and tactics to apply, if you practice.

The following are negotiation techniques you can use to heighten your Olympian efforts when negotiating. These insights will assist you at winning the negotiation gold, and the goal of the negotiation. 

1.   Become a better negotiator by heightening your negotiation techniques of your negotiation skills and then increasing them on a daily basis.

a.   Olympians practice the techniques they need to increase their skills on a daily basis. Sometimes, they do so for hours on in. Try different negotiation techniques and techniques on a daily basis. As the result of doing so, your negotiation skills will increase exponentially.    

2.   Increase your ability to accurately read and interpret negotiation techniques.

a.   Reading body language is one of the negotiation techniques that can be used in every aspect of your life. The trick becomes doing so accurately. In order to be successful at reading and interpreting body language, you have to obtain a base knowledge of the subject whose body language you'll be reading and interpreting.

3.   When you negotiate, don't get caught in a circular firing squad. Sometimes negotiation techniques can be tricky. Recently, I had a conversation with a gentleman about the percentage of hours that could be allocated in a week, to address a particular issue. I stated 50% of a resource's time could be allocated, based on a 60 to 70 hour week. For the purpose of the discussion, he asked how many hours could be allocated based on a forty hour week. Then, he said, so the answer is 20 hours, correct? Without missing a beat, I restated my initial comment, which was, 50% based on a 60 to 70 hour week. When you negotiate, be aware of how percentages change the perception of things.  

4.   Don't be reluctant when you negotiate. If you're not 'up' to negotiating at a particular time, don't negotiate. Prepare your mind and body before negotiating by getting the proper amount of rest and inner peace and brushing up your negotiation techniques. Like an Olympian, try to be as 'sharp' as possible when you negotiate.

When you negotiate, to the degree that you can, be gracious. There's no need to brutalize the person with whom you're negotiating just to make yourself appear to be better. If you're superior to your negotiation partner in your negotiation techniques, be gracious and allow him to walk away with as much of his dignity as possible. In essence, allow him to leave the negotiation table a winner.