Critical Negotiations Skills : Avon Lady Negotiates

Critical Negotiations Skills Avon Lady Negotiates

What happens when a couple of business people have immediate needs and not too much time? Throw in a bad economy, a bad day, or a bad attitude, and what you have - is the possibility of a negotiation gone awry. However, there is hope. That hope is you and your negotiations skills. If you lead through dialog and strategy, then a win-win negotiation can be achieved! Keep the next 2 steps in mind the next time you find yourself in a situation where tensions may be running high, but, you know that negotiation is a only a moment away.


Remain in dialog. Remember, you are the only person who can end a conversation! Dig deep and listen hard, because if tensions are high, the stakes are high, and you really want to close the deal, then it is going to take your personal commitment to remain in dialog. Use your negotiations skills. Ask sincere questions to keep dialog flowing. Asking questions is a technique to draw people out from their possible defensive position and more receptive when it's your turn to speak. Restate what the other person has just said. By doing so, you are acknowledging that you are listening to the other person. By asking sincere question and restating what the other person said, you are remaining in dialog, and boosting your chances of achieving a win-win.

When I worked behind the scenes for Avon Products, many situations emerged which required that I tell management there was a problem with a test and production had to be suspended. I needed my negotiations skills. Whether it was the wrong perfume in a product or the wrong shade of yellow undertones on a liquid base, nothing was shipped out until negotiation - or dialog - took place. Sometimes, upper management vetoed my decision outright, with no discussion. Thankfully, most of the time, there was a lot of wiggle room.


What outcome do you want? With this single question, strategy begins, and is the necessary component for your negotiations skills’ success. More than just a map, strategy is the process by which you assess: factors you can control and factors you cannot control. Without this level of understanding, very little beneficial action takes place.

Avon Products behind-the-scenes production is one giant strategy session. Your negotiations skills are always needed. Machines produce products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While you sleep at night, eyeshadow, lotion, foot powder, bath crystals, fragrant hand creams, and baby sunscreen are being produced in batches big enough to fill small houses. Dozens and dozens of products are pulled off the line regularly for quality checks. Only with a massive commitment to strategy could an endeavor of this magnitude be harmoniously performed and executed again and again, for over 100 years.

On the personal, human level, it is strategy - or the process by which you assess factors you can and cannot control - that contributes to your ability to close a win-win negotiation.

When you lead through dialog and strategy, then a win-win negotiation can be achieved! It doesn't matter if you are a high level manager for a major corporation or a regular Joe who is using your negotiations skills to get through the murky waters of day to day business. Remember the techniques of staying in dialog and knowing strategy and your next negotiation will be a success.